Conversion Audio Quality

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Conversion Audio Quality

Postby Randy » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:33 am

Would you be kind enough to provide some technical discussions about the algorithms employed during the different format conversions?
I also would urge you to even provide the user with some specifications for audio 'quality'.

For example, if a user has a few OGG formatted tracks that they want to burn on to a CD (*.cda format), which intermediary format conversion should the user select before final transfer to *.cda format?
Would *.wav format provide better audio quality than *.mp3 format?
Similar questions need to be answered for users when they are transferring audio tracks from a CD (rip) with highest possible audio quality retained.
Additional discussions should be covered that deal with the levels of compression involved in different formats and the data size penalty (if any).

None of these topics are mildly covered neither in your Help files or your homepage or even here in the forums.

True; most people may care less about such dastardly topics as 'audio quality' but there may be a few slobs that would still prefer to bastardize audio quality as little as possible!

Thank you!

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