Results of my Snosh trial

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Results of my Snosh trial

Postby JoergWartenberg » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:16 am


I just tried the Snosh 1.4 Trial version. Unfortunately I found several Bugs:

-The Installation stops without an unclear error message, if it's not called from an Administrator account.

-If you call the SNOSH 1.4 Trial from a normal user account, the exports stops at the beginning, with a message that your trial time is expired. If you call it from an Administartor account, it works and shows you how many trial exports are left.

-If you delete all digits in the width field at dimension, Snosh crashes before you can enter a new value. If you replae them digit by digit, it works.

-Sometimes the Crop button in the Video Settings doesn't work. I got an error text in the status bar, about a function call with wrong arguments. In this cases the button got disabled until I restartet the application. It seems to help, to select Deinterlace before pressing the Crop button.

-If you set the left crop value to 1 the exported flv file looks awful. It seems that the blue color information of the video has an offset of about the the half screen width.

-As I activated the adaptive preloader option with value 2. The export stoped at the last step without an error. The FLV and HTML fies were written, but not a SWF file. By the way what does this value mean?

-I created only one SWF file with player, unfortunately it had a time shift between audio and video of about a second.

I had all this expirience on a german WinXP Profesional system. And 1.2GB DV-Source file in PAL resolution with progressive scan.

After 8 exports, I got a good looking FLV file. I viewed it only in the VLC VideoLan Client, because I must first find a way to embed it into a webpage before I can try it with the Flash Plugin.

Hope this help to improve Snosh!

Regards Jörg Wartenberg

PS: I will have a look at the next version of Snosh again. If these issues are solved, I will most properly buy a license of Snosh.

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