Australian PC User Magazine Review - Create your own music

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Australian PC User Magazine Review - Create your own music

Postby softdiv » Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:24 pm

Dexster is an audio editor that lets you create your own music, and it's easy enough for the while family to use. Students can record their own songs; and create compilation CDs for parties; parents can record bedtime stories, with accompanying songs for younger children. It's also fairly full-featured application that allows you to record, amplify, mix and apply different effects (like fade in and fade out) to get the sounds exactly the way you want it. The program records from different sound sources, like a microphone or line in, so you can also use it to digitise your old LPs and cassettes. This version (1.0) of the program supports WAV and MP3 files, so you can record, play mix in either format. The program also allows you to convert frm one format to the other by opening a file then saving it in the new format.

Thankfully, new users will find that Dexster has a very intuitive interface, with several sets of straightforward icons along the top. Most of the program windows consists of the waveform view to make the visual editing of your audio files effortless.
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Re: Australian PC User Magazine Review - Create your own mus

Postby devotee » Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:50 am

Hi, I am from Brisbane Australia and I am recording for my kids but getting Error 5. Could you pls help?
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