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Postby softdiv » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:53 am

We are pleased to announce the released of Snosh.

Snosh 1.0:
Snosh lets you convert your video, audio and images into Flash 8 (SWF/FLV), Flash MX (SWF/FLV), Flash Vector (SWF), HTML, MP3, WAV and Windows Projector Executables. With as simple as a few clicks, Snosh offers a simple and clean solution to convert video/audio/images files into Flash to play on the web complete with the player controls. Snosh allows user to specify the dimension, start/end time, compression quality, player control, overlay, audio settings, cropping, SWF events, and background color to the output Flash together with the HTML to display it.

The major supported formats are:
* Apple QuickTime Video (MOV/QT/MP4)
* MPEG Video (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video, VCD and SVCD, PAL, and NTSC)
* Windows Media Video (WMV)
* AVI Files (DivX, XviD, MS MPEG-4, Uncompressed, Cinepak and other)
* Active Streaming Files (ASF)
* Flash FLV (FLV)
* DV Video (DV)
* WAVE Audio (WAV)
* MPEG Audio (MP2/MP3/MPA)
* Windows Media Audio (WMA)
* Flash 8 (SWF/FLV)
* Flash MX (SWF/FLV)
* Flash 3+ (SWF)
* Flash Vector (SWF)
* Windows Projector



Buy USD 54.95:


Best Regards;
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