Dexster Audio Editor Version Summary

The version summary and latest updates made to Dexster Audio Editor Software


29th May 2023 
Version 5.1:
New Features:
1) Enhanced support for a wider range of audio devices
2) New and improved audio recording visualizations and VU meters
3) Option to save audio files as WAV 24-Bit, 32-Bit, and 32-Bit Float format across all modules
4) Batch automation capabilities for convenient insertion of silence and muting features

1) Resolved issues related to VST loading and applying errors
2) Revamped the screen design to accommodate larger displays
3) Corrected discrepancies in the displayed audio attributes, ensuring accurate information is provided
4) Implemented various other enhancements, addressing several issues and refining the overall performance of the software

1) The user manual has been updated to reflect the latest features, improvements, and functionalities

14th June 2022 
Version 5.0:
1) New: Auto Markers based on Time Intervals, Equal Parts and Silence new
2) New: Batch Automation feature ( FIR Filter, Invert, Notch Filter ) for task automation new
3) Improved: Larger screen GUI
4) Improved: Windows 11 compatibility
5) Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
6) Updated: User manual

30th March 2021
Version 4.9
1) New: Batch Automation feature (amplify, delete silence, normalize, tempo, trim, reverse, band pass, low pass, high pass) that can be used to automate your audio editing task.
2) New: Copy to New waveform shortcut 
3) Fixed: Fixed issues related to markers
4) Improved: Minor GUI update
5) Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
6) Updated: User manual

12th March 2020
Version 4.8
1) New: Beats Detection
2) New: Echo Effects
3) New: Marker Panel for marker management
4 New: Option to control Marker with the left or right key
5) New: Preset management for Text to Speech
6) Improved: Larger screen for video to audio. Start and End points segment will now display video time (hh:mm:ss:ms) rather than just percentage.
7) Improved: Minor GUI update
8) Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
9) Updated: User manual 

21st Nov 2018
Version 4.7
1) New: Audio Frequency Analysis feature
2) New: Option to set Waveform selection range under the Control
3) New: Option to set Waveform viewing range under the Control
4) New: Option to play "Notify" sound upon completion on Audio CD Extraction
5) Fixed: The value of current cursor position not updating
6) Improved: Tempo adjustment will now give an estimation of the new duration
7) Improved: Recording time will now display in hh:mm:ss:ms format
8) Improved: Playback time and current cursor position will now display in hh:mm:ss:ms format
9) Improved: Batch Conversion, File Merger, Audio CD Extraction, and Export Multiple will now have MP3 selected as the default output format
10) Improved: Status bar will now display viewing time, selection time in hh:mm:ss:ms format
11) Improved: Speed and performance
12) Improved: Minor GUI update
13) Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
14) Updated: User manual

5th September 2017
Version 4.6
1) New: DirectX effects (Chorus, Compressor, Distortion, Echo, Flanger, Gargle, Parametric EQ, Reverb, Waves Reverb)
2) New: Encryption feature to protect audio files
3) Fixed: Design issue that causes extra white border on the software
4) Improved: Speed and performance
5) Improved: Minor GUI update
6) Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
7) Updated: User help manual

17th May 2016
Version 4.5
1) New: Send audio file to FTP server
2) New: Audio normalization feature on batch conversion
3) Improved: New code signing to replace the old SHA1
4) Improved: FLAC encoder
5) Improved: Dexster has been tested and compatible to run on Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
6) Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
7) Updated: User help manual


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