Dexster Audio Editor



Dexster Audio Editor

Dexster is a perfect audio editor tool for your audio production that supports many popular audio formats and features audio cd burning

  Windows 7, 8, 10, 11  version 5.0


Dexster is definitely one software I will recommend you all: you'll surely find it quite handy when you want to produce good-sounding home audio, enrich your recordings, and even record a demo CD with your band and so on. Adding the awesome price of just $45, it's almost like stealing


Cool audio editing features to make your audio stands out

edit audio files

Edit Audio Files

Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Trim, Enhance, Mix audio files in visual editing environment.  Support multiple audio files editing at the same time.

apply audio effects

Apply Audio Effects

Apply audio effects; Amplify, Compressor, Delay, Envelope, Equalizer, Expander, Fade, Flanger, Noise, Silence, Invert, Normalize, Phaser, Reverb, Reverse, Tempo, Vibrato, Chorus, Pitch, Distortion, VST, and DirectX.

audio conversion

Audio Conversion

Batch audio conversion to convert audio format from one to another. 


apply audio filters

Apply Audio Filters

Apply audio filters; Band Pass Filter, FFT Filter, High Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter, Low Shelf Filter, Notch Filter, Peak EQ Filter, and FIR Filter.

vocals, noise reduction

Vocals, Noise Reduction

Reduce Vocals, Noise, Clicks and Pops from an audio file.

audio mixing

Audio Mixing

Preview and mix audio file / content / stereo channels


More than Audio Editing

With so many features offered, Dexster Audio Editor provides the most complete solution for your audio editing task.

audio recording

Audio Recording

Record audio from various sources eg. Line-in, Microphone, Streaming, and others.

audio merging and splitting

Audio Merging & Splitting

Combine several audio files as one or split a lenghty audio file into several files.

audio cd burning

Audio CD Burning

Import audio files and burn as Audio CD.

audio extraction

Audio Extraction

Extract audio from Audio CD or Video file

support popular audio formats

Supports Popular Audio Formats

Supports the most commonly used audio formats eg. MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, Audio CD and many more.

other features

Other Cool Features

Audio Marker, Audio Protection, Audio Loop, Audio Tag Editor, Text to Speech, Audio Player, FTP Audio Files, and many more. 



Supported Audio Formats

Uncompressed/Compressed WAV (PCM, ADPCM, GSM, DSP and others)
MP2 (MPEG 1/2 Layer-2)
MP3 (MPEG 1/2 Layer-3)
MP4 Audio
M4A Audio
FLAC Audio
AAC Audio
VOX (Dialogic ADPCM)
Audio CD
WMA (Windows Media Audio 9)
RAW audio (PCM, A-LAW, U-LAW)
MPC (MusicPack)
AVI (Audio Track)
Ogg Vorbis
G.721, G.723, G.726
AIFF (Apple Audio Format)
AU (UNIX Audio Format)


System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
1.2GHz Intel or AMD CPU
512 MB Hard Disk Storage


Try Dexster Audio Editor

The trial version will allow you to test the software before you buy it.

Download Size: 11.9 MB
OS: Win 7, 8, 10, 11
Price: $ 45
Version: 5.0 (version history)

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