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Supported Photo Formats

Image formats supported by Photopus Pro. More than 90 image formats are supported.

Photopus supports more than 90 image formats. All images formats listed below are contained in the Photopus Pro edition. 

Photo Extension Read Write Description
BMPYesYesMicrosoft Windows Bitmap
GIFYesYesGraphics Interchange Format
JPG/JPEG/JPEYesYesJoint Photographic Expert Group 
JP2 YesYesJPEG-2000 Format 
J2CYesYesJPEG-2000 Codestream
PSD/PDDYesNoAdobe Photoshop Bitmap 
PDFYesYesPortable Document Format
PNG YesYesPortable Network Graphics Format 
PCT/PICT/PICYesNoApple Macintosh PICT Format
TIF/TIFFYesYesTagged Image Format
TGA/ICB/VDA/VSTYesYesTruevision Targa Image 
ICO/ICONYesYesWindows Icon
WBMP/WAP/WBMYesYesWireless Bitmap
EXR YesYesOpenEXR Format
PNM/PBM/PQM/PPMYesYesPortable AnyMap 
XPM YesYesX Windows System Pixmap Format 
3FRYesNoHasselblad Digital Camera Raw Image 
ARW YesNoSony Digital Camera Raw Image 
BAY YesNoCasio Digital Camera Raw Image
BMQ YesNoNuCore Raw Image
CAP YesNoPhase One Digital Camera Raw Image
CINE YesNoPhantom Software Raw Image 
CR2 YesNoCanon Digital Camera RAW Image 
CRW YesNoCanon Digital Camera RAW Image 
CS1 YesNoCapture Shop Raw Image 
DC2 YesNoKodak Digital Camera Raw Image 
DCR YesNoKodak Digital Camera Raw Image
DCS YesNoKodak Digital Camera Raw Image
DNG YesNoGeneric Digital Camera Raw Image 
DRF YesNoKodak Digital Camera Raw Image 
DSC YesNoKodak Digital Camera Raw Image 
ERF YesNoEpson Digital Camera Raw Image 
FFFYesNoImacon Digital Camera Raw Image 
HDRYesNoLeaf Raw Image
IAYesNoSinar Raw Image
IIQYesNoPhase One Digital Camera Raw Image
K25 YesNoKodak Digital Camera Raw Image
KC2YesNoKodak Digital Camera Raw Image
KDCYesNoKodak Digital Camera Raw Image
MDCYesNoMinolta Digital Camera Raw Image 
MEFYesNoMamiya Digital Camera Raw Image 
MOSYesNoMamiya Digital Camera Raw Image 
MRWYesNoMinolta Dimage Digital Camera Raw Image 
NEFYesNoNikon Digital Camera Raw Image 
NRWYesNoNikon Digital Camera Raw Image 
ORF YesNoOlympus Digital Camera Raw Image 
PEFYesNoPentax Digital Camera Raw Image 
PTX YesNoPentax Digital Camera Raw Image 
PXNYesNoLogitech Digital Camera Raw Image
QTKYesNoApple Quicktake Digital Camera Raw Image
RAF Yes NoFuji Digital Camera Raw Image 
RAW YesNoPanasonic Digital Camera Image 
RDC YesNoDigital Foto Maker Raw Image 
RW2 YesNoPanasonic Digital Camera Raw Image 
RWZ YesNoRawzor Digital Camera Raw Image 
SR2YesNoSony Digital Camera Raw Image
SRFYesNoSony Digital Camera Raw Image
STIYesNoSinar Capture Shop Raw Image
CURYesNoMicrosoft Windows Cursor 
CUTYesNoDr. Halo/Dr.Genius Clipboard Format 
DDS YesNoMicrosoft DirectDraw Surface Format 
DIBYesNoStandard Windows Bitmap Format 
EMFYesNoEnhanced Windows Metaformat 
EXIFYesNoExchangeable Image Format 
FAXYesNoGroup 3 Raw Fax Format 
HDRYesNoHigh Dynamic Range Format  
IFFYesNoInterchange Format
YesNoJoint Bi-level Image Experts Group 
JIF/JTIFYesNoJPEG File Interchange Format
JNGYesNoJPEG Network Graphics
LBMYesNoInterchange File Format-Interleaved
MNGYesNoMultiple-image Network Graphics
PBMYesNoPortable Bitmap File
PCDYesNoKodak Photo-CD file
PCXYesNoPC Paintbrush Format 
PFMYesNoPortable Float Map
PGMYesNoPortable Graymap File
RASYesNoSun Raster Format 
RLEYesNoStandard Windows Bitmap format
SGIYesNoSilicon Graphics Image Format 
WMFYesNoStandard Windows Metaformat
XBMYesNoX-Bitmap Format 

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