How to Record Games

This tutorial will guide you how to record games as video on your computer by using Recordzilla Screen Recorder.

Recordzilla is a game recorder software that you can use to record games directly on your computer as video (with audio). You can show off your gaming skills by sharing the recorded gameplay video among your friends or upload it to social websites like youtube or facebook. Amaze everyone how you beat that imposible game level.

Steps to record games using Recordzilla: 
1. Get Recordzilla and install on your computer. Double-click on the program icon to execute Recordzilla.

2. Under 1. Region Settings, set to use full screen or custom region. We recommend to use full screen for a full screen game and custom region for window based game.

3. Run the game. Minimize the game and switch back to Recordzilla. We'll be finalizing the game play recording settings. If you are recording a game that is window based (not full screen), click on Select Window under 1. Region and move the mouse over to your game. This will automatically select the window based game region for you. Hit F4 to confirm the region selection.

4. To set the recording video format, click on the 2. Video button. Select the recording video format and use a higher frame rate value for smoother game recording.

5. If you would like to include sound on the game recording, click on the 3. Audio button. Select Stereo-mix under the Audio Device.

6. Hit the Record button and Recordzilla will start counting down 5 seconds to record games. Now switch back to your game play. Enjoy the game and the game recording will be done in the background without interrupting your game play.

7. To stop the game record, enter shift + F5. Recordzilla will then askyou to specify the location to save the recorded game play.

record games


Try Recordzilla Screen Recorder

The trial version will allow you to test the software before you buy it.

Download Size: 15 MB
OS: Win 7, 8, 10, 11
Price: $ 29.95
Version: 1.7

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