How to use Keyboard Shortcuts

Introduction tutorial on how to use keyboard shortcuts key to control the most commonly accessed functions in Dexster Audio Editor.


Key Operation
F1 Execute help manual
F4 Run preferences options
Del Delete the selected waveform area
Home Move current position to the beginning
End Move current position to the end
+ Zoom In the selected waveform area
- Zoom out from the current zooming level
Space bar Start / Stop playback
Ctrl + N
Create a new waveform
Ctrl + O
Open audio file
Ctrl + S
Save currently edited audio file
Ctrl + Z
Undo last operation
Ctrl + Y
Redo last operation
Ctrl + C
Copy selected waveform area to the memory buffer
Ctrl + X
Cut selected waveform area
Ctrl + V
Paste audio data from the memory buffer
Ctrl + M
Mix the previously copied audio fragment to the currently edited audio file
Ctrl + A
Select all
Ctrl + D
Select None
Ctrl + T
Ctrl + L
Hide/Unhide Controls
Shift + F8
Add selected waveform area to marker


Try Dexster Audio Editor

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Download Size: 11.9 MB
OS: Win 7, 8, 10, 11
Price: $ 45
Version: 5.1 (version history)

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