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Article reviews of Dexster Audio Editor software published by Computer Trader.

If you would like to become an audio editor and create your own sound files(WAV compressed and uncompressed, MP2, MP3, VOX, WMA, RAW, Audio CD, MPC, OGG, AVI, AU and AIFF - have close look at the professional audio editing software called Dexster. (It is also a handy app for converting audio files from one format to another.) 

Editing in Dexster, now in version 1.2 is done visually and to a large extent, instinctively. The tools are standard for a powerful audio editor (Cut, copy, paste, delete, mix, and etc.) plus the program markers and offers seventeen audio effects including Amplify, Compressor, and Vibrato. 

Additionally, Dexster offers nine audio filters: Band Pass, High Pass, FFT, High Shelf, Low Pass, Low Shelf, and notch filters. The program features a built-in audio player and support recording from any input device, eg. a microphone. 

With most professional audio editing apps providing overwhelmingly complex to the new user, Dexster is a wonderful straightforward to learn and use. Find out more about it and download a trial at

Try Dexster Audio Editor

The trial version will allow you to test the software before you buy it.

Download Size: 11.9 MB
OS: Win 7, 8, 10, 11
Price: $ 45
Version: 5.1 (version history)

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