Dexster Audio Editor 2.6 Press Release

Press Release for Dexster Audio Editor 2.6. In The Loop - Audio Editing for Everyone.

Press Release - In The Loop - Audio Editing for Everyone: 
In the Loop - Audio Editing for Everyone:

The digital revolution now allows everyone to manufacture their own music hit parades. The complication in organising and editing audio tracks usually arises from dazzling abundance of audio and video file formats that are used (WAV,MP2, MP3,VOX, Audio CD, WMA, RAW, MPC, AVI, AIFF, AU and more) and having affordable and easy to use program to convert between formats and edit the tracks must be an invaluable utility for the new sound engineer. 

Dexster (now in version 2.6) is a wonderful friendly application with an attractive layout that will read and convert audio from most multimedia file formats - grabbing audio from video files - and with multiple effects like Amplify, Compressor, Reverb, Delay, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Reverse and more. In addition, there are handy audio filters that can be applied. (Band Pass, Fast Fourier, Peak EQ, High Pass, Low Pass and etc.) Dexster 2,6 features a built audio player and records from any input device. And there is an inbuilt tutorial for beginners.  Check out Dexster at 

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Download Size: 11.9 MB
OS: Win 7, 8, 10, 11
Price: $ 45
Version: 5.1 (version history)

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