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SWF Events Setting

Learn to customize the swf events settings in Snosh. You may customize the start and end movie actions, setup preloader, loop and more.

Snosh supports major SWF events. Events are information inserted in the flash movie at given times. Snosh allows to specify the start/end movie events for SWF file. Flash events cannot be added into FLV file format.

swf events settings
Start Movie Options:
Start automatically 
Begin to play as soon as the SWF file is loaded.

Click to start 
The SWF file will stop and wait for the mouse click to start playing.

Stop action at first frame 
The SWF file will stop and wait for play command to start playing.

Wait to start 
The SWF file will delay before start playing. You can specify the duration in seconds to delay the playing.

Insert frame at start: 
You can insert an empty frame to the SWF file. The frame can be either an Opaque (black) or a Transparent frame. This feature is useful to use in conjunction with Click to start action and Stop action at first frame waiting for Play command to start the playing. The user will see a black or transparent frame rather than seeing the actual content before start playing.

Use Preloader: 
This feature is very useful when your output SWF is used for web playback. Preloader will show the current loading status rather than keeping the user in idle state.

The preloader will load a fixed amount of video (based on percentage of the file size) before video begins to play. You can enter value in the range of 1-100.

The adaptive preloader loads a variable for video based on the viewer connection speed to allow uninterrupted play once the video begins playing. You can enter value in the range of 0-2 with increament of 0.1.

End Movie Options:
No further action when reaches the end.

Loop play when reaches the end.

Load a html page or another SWF movie when reaches the end.

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